Camonster takes things to a whole new level. It doesn’t offer any frills, spills, or promises it can’t deliver. Instead, it offers a simple way to enjoy live adult entertainment from the comfort of your home. It is a simple but effective idea, and the site keeps your focus on the performers. The site is easy to use, user-friendly, and caters to lots of needs, wants, and fetishes, and everything in-between. You’ll find fetish models, porn stars, transgender models, and even models who specialize in toy shows. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll likely find it with Camonster. It’s unique in many ways. 

No Waiting

One of the best features of Camonster is that at any one time, there are thousands of performers live and ready to go. That means regardless of the time of day or night you visit, there will always be a live show running. It’s great especially if you don’t keep traditional hours or just get bored at 3 a.m. And Camonster caters to all viewers, no matter what you might be looking for. There are transgender performers, female, male, and even porn star performers too. Not to forget couples who perform together in shows too. Camonster ranges significantly and it only gets better. You’ll find whatever you want, and it allows you to explore shows you mightn’t normally try. 

The Pay as You Go System

If you want a site that is different, Camonster is it because it ditches the traditional membership system. There are no monthly fees to pay, you work on a pay as you go system and that’s fantastic. So, this means you only ever pay for the content you watch and not a membership that is rarely used. For instance, if you were an occasional user of the site and watched a show for an hour, that is all you’re billed for, nothing more. It’s a useful way to get value for money and ensure you don’t pay for something you don’t use. It isn’t something often seen so that does make Camonster a more popular choice. 

Accessing The Site Without Being a member

Anyone can use Camonster. You do not need to be signed up to look around the site; however, your access will be quite restricted. You’ll be able to view performer profiles and even look at public chatrooms, but won’t be able to view any live shows, even public ones. You’ll have to create an account to do that. This is useful as it helps protect the performers and ensure you see enough to make your mind up about the site. Also, it gives you a sneak preview of what’s on offer, so if you like what you see, you can sign up. If not, you don’t need to waste time trying to delete your account.  

What’s It Like Being a member?

You won’t need to give out many details, just your credit card information so that you’re billed as or when you interact with the site. That’s impressive as it helps to keep contact between you and the site to a minimum. There is also discretion which is crucial for every member. You’ll also be able to watch private shows and tip performers. If you wanted to access the video archive, you could enjoy past shows; you’ll pay around $3 for twenty-four hours access which is quite reasonable. You can then watch any video you like.  

You could book shows in advance if you like a particular performer, as well as pay an upfront amount rather than per minute. This will, of course, depend on the performer and the show you wish to book. 

Getting to Grips with Gold 

Camonster has a virtual currency, gold, and this is what is used on the site. When you purchase gold, you’re purchasing credits which can be used throughout Camonster. You can interact with the models, pay for private shows, and tip performers too. 

Simple Features to Enjoy

Camonster doesn’t offer frills or features that are too complicated. It offers a simple idea that attracts the viewers. You can join for free and only pay for the content you watch. You’ll be able to watch any model perform, get access to private shows, along with vibrator shows. Private shows are paid by the minute and vibrator shows put you in control. You control the toy and decide what happens or when it happens. If you wanted a more intimate setting, you could choose a cam2cam session. These allow you to get more involved with the shows. 

You can also view performer profiles, and there are lots of categories to choose from too. 

Value For Money

Camonster is a site that goes beyond what you’d expect from a live adult webcam site. It holds back on the jazzy frills and offers quality shows for all users. The pay as you pay system works well because you’re only paying for content you view, so if that’s one hour, you pay for one hour. It’s useful if you aren’t using the site twenty-four-seven or just don’t like the notion of monthly subscriptions. It’s a great idea and something that makes Camonster more appealing. 

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